It’s possible that we have identified the most dedicated fan of ROGERS 5 GRAIN GRANOLA; 10-year-old Owen Parker of Mississauga, Ontario, has just polished off the crumbs from his 200th bag!
Says his dad, Andrew, “I reach out to you, with auspicious news – the ‘Granola kid’,
as he’s known in the Parker family, has hit a milestone.
Owen has just finished – almost single-handedly –
his 200th bag of ROGERS ALMOND GRANOLA. That’s about
a bag a week for the last 4 years.
He has a heaping bowl every morning, and if he has his
way, another healthy helping in the evening.
I won’t shock you with how much milk he goes through,
but the kid certainly must have tough bones…not to mention
a sturdy body from all the wholesome toasted oats in his cereal!
Attached is a happy picture of Owen on his anniversary day..
eating, you got it – another bowl of ROGERS Granola!
Many thanks from Owen and rest of us Parkers for producing
a fine product…and if you ever need a poster boy for granola,
let us know.”
Thank you Owen! We’re so happy you love our granola!

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