Contest – #MadeWithRogers

🍞🍰 Rise to the occasion with Rogers Foods! 🌾✨ Embark on a journey of delicious creations as you join hands with our baking community. We’re dusting off our aprons and diving into a world where imagination meets indulgence, all #MadeWithRogers. 🎂🥖 Whether you’re kneading a rustic loaf, whipping up a storm of cupcakes, or crafting the perfect pie, let’s fill our kitchens with the scent of some of our favourite recipes. 🍪🥧

🥐 📸 Capture your mouthwatering masterpieces and share them using #MadeWithRogers on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Let’s spread the joy of baking, one post at a time. 📣 Join our community of passionate bakers, where every flour-dusted selfie and every slice shared adds another layer to our story. 📚💖 #BakingWithLove #RogersCreators #KitchenAdventures #FromScratch  👨‍🍳 Are you ready to transform simple ingredients into extraordinary memories? We can’t wait to see the wonders you whip up, powered by passion and Rogers Foods. 🌟

🍴Let’s create moments worth savouring, all #MadeWithRogers. Your next masterpiece is just a bake a way! 🍩💌👩‍🍳

Watch for one of our many contests where you could win a special gift from Rogers Foods.  Here are some past creations and winners! Go to social media for recipes and more!














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