Rogers Foods’ Corporate Social Responsibility

Bringing value to and generating a positive impact on our community…… 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that a company should play a positive role in the community and consider their business decisions’ environmental and social impact. It is closely linked to sustainability − creating economic, social, and environmental value. All three focus on non-financial factors that companies, large and small, should consider when making business decisions. At Rogers Foods, we interpret our corporate social responsibility as the need to be aware of our social purpose. We have pivoted from having a community investment strategy to adopting a holistic approach in which our mission is built into everything we do. Our CSR involves various approaches and initiatives, from sustainable practices to community involvement and giving. Customers increasingly expect responsible behaviour from companies they do business with, and we want to be a community organization that leads by example.




We are excited about some of our fall harvest collaborations, including The Salvation Army, which will support a local high school’s agricultural program. This program has planted 5 acres of produce to donate to The Salvation Army for their hamper program to feed the community. We have Rogers Foods staff attending to volunteer for their services. We are also involved in a community road cleanup of a local road we adopted taking place this fall. Our monthly donations to the food hampers in our community and donations to local food hampers for Christmas are additional programs we are excited to support.

Additional local organizations we work with are Bowls of Hope, the Starfish backpack program, the Cyrus Centre, Seniors’ and group homes, and many more local organizations and shelters.






In memory of Faren Wade and Melissa Lloynd



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