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You can find all recipes on our website.


No, wheat bran and oat bran are very different types of bran and are not interchangeable.


On our website, in “Recipes”  you will find many recipes that have been developed using our high-fibre cereals.  Or, if you have a favourite recipe, you can also substitute 1/4 cup of flour with 1/4 cup of ROGERS Wheat Bran.

You can substitute ROGERS Healthy Grain Porridge Oats in a recipe called for large flake oats.  Healthy Grains has double the amount of fibre as Large Flake Oats.


No, we do not have nutritional and calorie information for our recipes.


If you are in need of support from our Commercial Technical baker, please feel free to reach out to him. He cannot, unfortunately, respond to consumer questions. Detlef Werner, Technical Sales ManagernEmail: Mobile: 1-250-306-2316


When using a bread machine you must measure your ingredients accurately.  The most common problem is measuring the water portion accurately in a wet measure, measuring cup.  To be more consistent use more accurate dry measure cups.  An error of a few tablespoons can have negative affect on your bread.


On the product page of our website there is a shot of the front and back panels of each bag.


Yes, when a recipe calls for lemon juice you can use fresh or bottled.


For best results, we recommend weighing your ingredients with a digital scale. A cup of all-purpose flour weighs 4 1/4 ounces or 120 grams.


In this case, you need to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of water to your recipe.


In this case, you need to reduce the water in your recipe by 1 or 2 tablespoons.


When making bread by hand you can use either a traditional or an instant yeast.  If using an instant yeast you can skip the presoak step and save time.  Be sure to include the extra 1/2 cup of warm water that gets used in the presoak into your recipe.


Lemon juice is a natural dough enhancer, creating more elasticity to the dough which in return makes it easier for the bread to stretch and rise.  If baking with ROGERS No Additive  ALL Purpose flours, using lemon juice is  helpful.  If using ROGERS Bread Flours it is not necessary as bread flour contains ascorbic acid.


White flour is added in whole wheat bread recipes to increase the gluten in your dough and produce a lighter loaf.   A 100% whole wheat loaf would be heavy and dense.  If using ROGERS Whole Wheat Bread flour, no white flour is required as bread flour is higher in gluten.


Bread machine yeast or also known as instant yeast is designed to be added dry to your recipe.   It starts to work as soon as your ingredients get blended into a dough.   A traditional yeast requires a presoak in additional water and sugar.  The extra time and additions are not accounted for in bread machine recipes.



No, none of our products are developed from shellfish.


Yes, you will find to Kosher-approved symbol on all ROGERS packages.


Unfortunately, we do not offer coupons.  You will often see our cereals on sale, which is a good time to stock up.  Be sure to store in your freezer to extend the shelf life.


No, the Rogers Store has permanently closed.


Our company is ROGERS Foods Flour and Cereals; we are not affiliated to Rogers Sugar.


There are only two 20 kg bags of flour available in retail.  Silver Star, our unbleached bread flour and Whole Wheat Coarse bread flour can be found at Costco in BC.


Some of the allergy information will be stated on the back of each package as a “ May contain disclaimer”.  For a more detailed list refer to allergen statements in the flour and cereal question sections.


Many of the bulk items can be found at other bulk stores. The ROGERS bulk cereals can be found in our retail packaging in major retail outlets listed in the Availability section.



Yes, our flour bags can be recycled.


Yes, we are rebranding our flour bags with new colours.  See all the details on this website under “Products”.


ROGERS cereal bags are made from a special layered plastic that will maximize the shelf life of the cereal.  This type of packaging is commonly used and is not recyclable.  These resealable pouches can easily be reused.


You can purchase products of this size at Costco.

Unfortunately, no.

ROGERS Foods does not offer mail orders or online sales of our products directly from the mill.  London Drugs does offer mail orders for some of  ROGERS cereals.  See for details or any other retailers at the bottom of our website.

Our commercial flours are only sold on the West Coast, contact Dawn Foods 1-877-563-7507 or  Or at you can contact our sales team.

To access our commercial flours, you must have a business number to order through our brokers. Toll free: 1-877-823-6260 x 102,

Without a business license, only two commercial flours are available to you.  They are available at Costco in BC.   They are 20 kg unbleached bread flour called Silver Star and 20 kg whole wheat coarse, whole wheat bread flour.

To access our commercial flours you must have a business number to order through our brokers:

In BC, our broker is Snow Cap, 1-800-561-2868, or

In Alberta, our broker is J&D Food Services, 1-800-661-6038, or

We do not ship products east of Alberta.

The only specialty flours available to you are at Costco in BC.  They are, Silver Star, which is our unbleached bread flour and Whole wheat coarse which is our whole wheat bread flour.

ROGERS flours are being rebranded in new colours.  You will find the ROGERS No Additive flour in a blue and white bag.  See all the new looks in the Product section of this website.

Porridge Oats are only packaged in retail-size bags, but you could ask your store manager if you can purchase them by the case.  There are eight packages in a case of Porridge Oats.  If stocking up, be sure to store extras in the freezer to maintain freshness and extend the shelf life.

Please go to our products page for a list of retailers selling various Rogers Foods products in Canada. CLICK HERE.

Find the territory that you live in from the list. Click on the store of your choice, and you will be taken to their website to further refine your search by the city closest to you.

You can then enter ROGERS FOODS in the store’s search engine to see which Rogers products they carry.

ROGERS Foods does not sell retail products in the USA.

Please go to our products page for a list of retailers selling various Rogers Foods products in Canada. CLICK HERE.

Find the territory that you live in from the list. Click on the store of your choice, and you will be taken to their website to further refine your search by the city closest to you.

You can then enter ROGERS FOODS in the store’s search engine to see which Rogers products they carry.

The grocery store, not ROGERS Foods, decides to carry certain products.  Ask the store manager for assistance if the product is not on the shelf.  The store may have the ability to order the item for you. 


The fact that the bag has not been opened will not ensure that the flour is still okay to use.  There is a window of a few months past the Best Before Date (BBD) when the product is still OK, depending on how it was stored.  The flour can be okay for a long time after the BBD if stored cold or frozen.  If you are unsure, try the hot water test.  Put a few tablespoons of flour into boiling water, stir well and sniff.  If the product is rancid, the smell will come out with the steam.

ROGERS Steel Cut Oats Blend Porridge Oats is a mix of steel cut oats, large flake oats, oat bran, wheat bran and flax seeds.  This blend reduces the cook time of traditional steel cut oats from 45 minutes to 20 minutes and still maintains a low glycemic index.

No, all ROGERS cereals are not gluten-free; they are all produced in a wheat processing facility.  The grains are also at risk for cross-contamination with wheat from the fields and harvest. 

ROGERS does not produce organic flour or cereals for the retail market.

Yes, they are! ROGERS flours and No Additive Cereals contain only vegan ingredients.

No, they are made of a special plastic designed to maximize the shelf life of the granola. This strong bag is great to reuse for storage.

Yes, bread flours can be used for all your baking.

Yes, ROGERS All Purpose flour can be used in a bread machine if making white bread, but for a fluffier loaf of multi grain or whole wheat bread is it recommended to use a bread flour

No, there are no sulphites in ROGERS flours and cereals.

The grains we use may contain glyphosate.  The use of glyphosate is essential in some modern-day farming practices.  Health Canada has determined maximum residual limits for glyphosate in grain and flours.  ROGERS test results have been well below the guidelines set by Health Canada.

Yes, ROGERS Whole Wheat Bread flour is available in 2.5 Kg retail bags.  Also available at some Costco stores in BC.  It is a 20 Kg bag called Whole Wheat Coarse.

No, they do not! ROGERS uses grain varieties which are expected to be free of genetic modification.  The Canadian Government authorities have assured us there is no genetically modified wheat, rye, triticale, barley or oats commercially produced in Canada.

Contact or

No, ROGERS Wheat Bran is unprocessed, all natural with no additives.

Yes, ROGERS Dark Rye flour, is a No Additive whole grain flour.  It is only available in a 2.5 kg bag.

No, the Cranberry Almond Granola contains milk ingredients, while the other flavours do not have milk ingredients there could be a risk of cross contamination between flavours.  The other flavours list dairy in the May Contain list on the package.

No, ROGERS Wheat Germ is unprocessed, all natural with no additives.

Yes, ROGERS White Bread flour is unbleached.  You will not find the bleaching agent Benzoyl Peroxide listed in the ingredients.

Whole Grain Whole Wheat flour is not enriched as it still contains the natural wheat germ.

The nutritional values are based on dry cereal.

Yes, modern day milling incorporates a sifting step in the production of flour.

Currently, the majority of grains used in ROGERS cereals are Canadian.  The exception is the quinoa flakes used in Ancient Grains Porridge Oats.  This product comes from Bolivia.  This statement also allows ROGERS the opportunity to import grains from the USA in the future.

ROGERS Ancient Grain Porridge oats contain several grains that do have gluten.  For example spelt and kamut.  This cereal is all produced in our wheat processing facility.

On the flour bags, you will find “May contain Soy, Mustard, Triticale, Rye, Barley, Oats”  This is a list of grains and seeds the wheat could be cross-contaminated within the fields.  Other Allergens, including Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Dairy Products, Eggs, Fish and Crustaceans, are absent in ROGERS retail flours.

We have 4 flavours of granola, 1 of which includes a milk ingredient and 3 of which include almonds.  The May contain statement on the back of the packages lists, “Pecans, Hazelnuts Cashews, Macadamia Nuts, Peanuts, Soy and Milk”  All items that could be possible cross contaminates. Other Allergens like Sesame Seeds, Eggs, Fish and Crustaceans are not present in ROGERS Granolas.

You will find the potassium levels printed on the packages in the nutritional tables.

We offer 4 flavours.  Cranberry Almond, Hazelnut Honey, Raisin and a Low Fat Raspberry Almond.  See more details about each under Products on this website.

ROGERS All purpose flours are in the range of 12 – 13%.   ROGERS Bread flour is 13 to 14%. ROGERS Rye flour is 10 to 12%.

Porridge Oats offer more flavour and texture as well as a higher fibre content then plain large flake oats.  Porridge Oats have a lower glycemic index then plain oats.   The lower the glycemic index the better the food is at helping to balance blood sugars and makes you feel full longer. Steel Cut Oat Blend Porridge Oats has the lowest glycemic index of the 3 Porridge Oat flavours.

Bread flour is ideal for baking bread in a machine or by hand.  Depending on the style of bread you prefer, all flour will work, however, we would recommend using Bread flour.  ROGERS All Purpose flours can be used for making white breads.  Any bread that includes whole grains or whole grain flour will be heavy if not using the stronger bread flour.

The best way to maintain the freshness of flours and cereals is to store them in the freezer.  This will keep them well past the best-before date.  Be sure to bring products to room temperature before baking.

Bread flour has a higher protein and concentration of the dough enhancers, ascorbic acid and amylase.

Instant Oats have been pre-cooked and dried, allowing them to cook in about a minute. Quick Oats are processed in smaller pieces that cook in less the 5 minutes. ROGERS Large Flake Oats are less processed oats.  They cook 7 to 10 minutes on the stove top and about 2 to 3 minutes in the microwave. Steel Cut oats are cut with a steel blade into coarse pieces.  They take about 45 minutes to cook.    

ROGERS All Purpose Flour is a bleached flour with enrichments, ascorbic acid and amylase.  These additives are dough enhancers. ROGERS No Additive All Purpose Flour, is unbleached with enrichments and no dough enhancers.

Soluble fibre absorbs water and forms a gel.  Its health benefits include lowering blood cholesterol and managing blood glucose. Insoluble fibre speeds gut transit time of the food through the body, making you more regular. Both types can make you feel full longer, thereby reducing appetite.

Healthy Grain Porridge Oats, once known as the original blend is a combination of large flake oats, oat bran, wheat bran and flaxseed.   This flavour is similar to traditional large flakes but with double the fibre content.  It is available in a blue bag.  Steel Cut Oat Blend Porridge Oats is a combination of steel cut oats, large flake oats oat bran wheat brand and flaxseed.  This flavour is the highest in fibre and adds a chewy texture to your oatmeal. It is available in a red bag. Ancient Grain Porridge Oats is a combination of large flake oats, barley flakes, spelt flakes, kamut flakes, oat bran, millet, flaxseed, quinoa flakes.  This flavour is high in fibre with added multi grain flavour.  It is available in a green bag.

Whole Grain Whole Wheat Flour is flour made from 100% of the kernel.  Whole Wheat flour is only 95% of the kernel, with some of the germ and bran sifted out.

Tocopherol is vitamin E.  It is used to coat the raspberries to keep them from drying out.

The enrichments are all vegan synthesized vitamins.

The source of the amylase additive is fungal, which makes our bread flour vegan

Oat bran is predominantly soluble fibre.

These ROGERS oat cereal offer both soluble and insoluble fibre.  Soluble fibre is the gel like portion that you get when cooking oats.  It is very healthy and aids in lowering cholesterol.  The insoluble fibre, like wheat bran is also healthy and aids in digestion, helping us to stay regular.  Both types of fibre make you feel fuller longer, thereby reducing your appetite.

Wheat Bran is predominantly insoluble fibre.

Silver Star is ROGERS 20 Kg wholesale bag of unbleached bread flour.  This flour is only available at BC Costco stores.

Whole Wheat Coarse flour is ROGERS 20 Kg whole wheat bread flour.  It is described as coarse, not because the flour is coarse but because it contains coarse pieces of bran.  This flour is only available at some BC Costco stores.

ROGERS Foods produces Large Flake Oats as well as 3 varieties of multi grain oatmeal.  Healthy Grain Porridge Oats, Ancient Grain Porridge Oats and Steel Cut Oat Blend Porridge Oats.

In retail packaging ROGERS Bread flour is only available in 2.5 kg bags.  At Costco stores in BC you can buy 20 kg bags of bread flour.

The best before date is printed on the back, bottom right hand corner of the package.

The best before is inked on the top of the flour bags.

The ingredients listed in the No Additive All Purpose flour are not considered additives, but are the enrichments, or vitamins that would naturally occur in the flour if the wheat germ had not been removed.  The Enrichment law was passed in 1953, stating all white flours must be enriched.

Wheat is an agricultural product, which is grown, harvested and stored virtually unprocessed before it comes to our mill. Flour products require cooking before consumption because the milling process does not reach temperatures that will remove the risk of contamination that is associated with unprocessed wheat.

ROGERS NO Additive cereals are considered raw, unprocessed agricultural products. Regulations state that we must note on packaging that cooking is required before consumption because, in producing these cereals, the grains do not reach temperatures that will remove the risk of contamination from where they are grown, harvested, and stored. However……..


There is an ongoing debate on whether it is safe or not to eat raw oats and grains. The logic on our packaging and in the FAQ is that eating raw grains (not oats) could pose a risk, especially to those with underlying health issues or compromised immune systems.

HOWEVER, overnight oats have become a popular way to consume oats as part of a healthy diet. Though raw oats are considered safe to eat, it is recommended to first soak them in a liquid like water, milk or a nondairy milk alternative. This is suggested to avoid a buildup of undigested oats in your stomach or intentions, resulting in stomach upset or constipation.

Raw oats contain the anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Phytic Acid binds to minerals like zinc and iron, making it difficult for the body to absorb them. For some, the deficiency in these and other minerals could lead to problems for some, though a well-balanced diet would negate this risk.

GRAINS that you can consume raw within our cereals include Rogers Porridge Oats and healthy grains such as wheat, oat Bran, flax, millet, and Khorasan, which are all safe to eat raw. Our Rodgers Porridge Oats and Ancient Grains should ONLY be consumed after cooking as they contain spelt, quinoa, and barley, which should not be eaten raw.

If you choose to consume any of our products raw, you do so with the understanding of potential risks.

The Porridge Oats are in different sizes in order to offer them all at the same retail price.  Healthy Grains is 1 kg, Steel Cut Oat Blend is 1.1kg because of the added weight of the steel cut portion.  Ancient Grains is 750 g because of the added expense of some of the organic grains used in the blend.

The oils in ground flaxseed go rancid very quickly once ground.  Using ground flax seed in our Porridge Oats would significantly reduce the shelf life.       

The protein levels in the nutritional tables are reported in whole numbers as 4g/30g of flour.  In fact, ROGERS All purpose is 3.8 g/30 g and ROGERS Bread flour is 4.2/30 g.  Both numbers round to 4g/30g of flour.



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