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Where can I find Allergy information?

Some of the allergy information will be stated on the back of each package as a “ May contain disclaimer”.  For a more detailed list refer to allergen statements in the flour and cereal question sections.


Does Rogers Food offer coupons?

Unfortunately, we do not offer coupons.  You will often see our cereals on sale, which is a good time to stock up.  Be sure to store in your freezer to extend the shelf life.


Can you suggest a way to increase the fibre in my recipes?

On our website, in “Recipes”  you will find many recipes that have been developed using our high-fibre cereals.  Or, if you have a favourite recipe, you can also substitute 1/4 cup of flour with 1/4 cup of ROGERS Wheat Bran. You can substitute ROGERS Healthy Grain Porridge Oats in a recipe called for large flake...


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