What type of yeast should I use for making bread by hand?

When making bread by hand you can use either a traditional or an instant yeast.  If using an instant yeast you can skip the presoak step and save time.  Be sure to include the extra 1/2 cup of warm water that gets used in the presoak into your recipe.


I am having trouble making bread in my bread machine.

When using a bread machine you must measure your ingredients accurately.  The most common problem is measuring the water portion accurately in a wet measure, measuring cup.  To be more consistent use more accurate dry measure cups.  An error of a few tablespoons can have negative affect on your bread.


Why is it important to use bread machine yeast in my bread machine?

Bread machine yeast or also known as instant yeast is designed to be added dry to your recipe.   It starts to work as soon as your ingredients get blended into a dough.   A traditional yeast requires a presoak in additional water and sugar.  The extra time and additions are not accounted for in bread machine...


Why do some of ROGERS bread recipes call for lemon juice?

Lemon juice is a natural dough enhancer, creating more elasticity to the dough which in return makes it easier for the bread to stretch and rise.  If baking with ROGERS No Additive  ALL Purpose flours, using lemon juice is  helpful.  If using ROGERS Bread Flours it is not necessary as bread flour contains ascorbic acid.

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