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Granola-Loving Boy Hits Milestone

It’s possible that we have identified the most dedicated fan of ROGERS 5 GRAIN GRANOLA; 10-year-old Owen Parker of Mississauga, Ontario, has just polished off the crumbs from his 200th bag! Says his dad, Andrew, “I reach out to you, with auspicious news – the ‘Granola kid’, as he’s known in the Parker family, has hit...


It’s Nutrition Month at Rogers Foods

March is not only known for its break from the cold of winter, but also for the much-celebrated Nutrition Month amongst families and foodies alike. This year for Nutrition Month, Rogers Foods wants to focus on what it means to put your best foot forward with breakfast. Busy schedules and a variety of taste buds,...


H.A.V.E. Cafe

It’s official! We are proud to announce our new partnership with H.A.V.E. Culinary Training Society in Vancouver. Rogers Foods Ltd. will be supplying H.A.V.E Cafe with their monthly usage of Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, All Purpose Flour, Bran and Granola. We are ecstatic! Visit their website • Follow on Facebook


ROGERS History

ROGERS FOODS Ltd. is British Columbia’s only flour and cereal mill. In the early 1950’s, Alfred J. Rogers, a farmer in the North Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, acquired a small stone milling device for the purpose of grinding grains for his own family’s use. Gradually his neighbors in the Okanagan Valley began coming to...


Flour for Tanzania

ROGERS FOODS sent four pallets of flour to aid in mission work being done in Tanzania and Fiji. The company is proud to support the dedicated, caring mission workers who help children and families in need. The Hagen’s recently returned from Tanzania and sent this letter to ROGERS FOODS. “We have just arrived back home...


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