Pre-Ferment Dough

5g yeast
1 large egg
25g evaporated milk
25g milk
45g water

Main Dough

All of the pre-ferment dough
75g sugar
5g salt
20g milk powder
10g evaporated milk
20g water
55g butter
Optional fillings of your choice
These milk buns make an easy breakfast, just simply reheat without the need to put additional fillings inside. Thanks to @Tavia.Bakes!


1.Pre-Ferment Dough: Mix all ingredients together until the dough has no visible lumps. Proof for about 50 mins. Do the finger poke test and if the dough doesn’t bounce back, your pre-ferment dough is ready to go.
2.Combine all ingredients except for butter and knead using a mixer until dough pulls away from mixing bowl.
3.Add in the softened butter until dough is well combined.
4.Ferment for another 50mins.
5.After your dough is ready, divide into smaller portions of dough (20 x 35g dough portions).
6.Let it rest for 30 mins, and then shape your bread into croissant rolls, or fill with fillings of your choice.
7.Let it proof for about 90 mins or until dough buns have doubled in size.
8.Baking at 350F for 15-18 minutes if you’re doing single buns, 25-30 mins if you placed your buns together in a small tin together.

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