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Honey walnut loaf

This delicious kid-friendly one-bowl loaf recipe is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth while having the heart-healthy ingredients of walnuts and Rogers Porridge Oats & Healthy Grains. Plus it has the added protein from the Greek yogurt. The honey gives it a moist sweetness that makes it easy to cut into mini loaves after it is baked. Have fun with it this Valentine’s Day and remember to leave some walnuts and honey to top it off.


Fermented Banana & Pineapple Loaf

Guest baker, television host and healthy hacker, Tammy-Lynn McNabb of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV created this delicious banana bread with a twist. Using Rogers Flour, wheat bran and oats in her recipe, she shows us how ‘fermenting’ your bananas creates a bread full of gut-healthy probiotics, dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium, B6 and manganese. #MadeWithRogers

Try this delicious banana bread with a twist using Rogers Flour, wheat bran and oats!


Pumpkin Challah

Top this Challah with a drizzle of honey or jam for a delicious and beautifully braided treat! Thanks to Melinda for sharing this fantastic Pumpkin Challah recipe.

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