2 cups store-bought or homemade oat milk (go to Rogers website for our oat milk recipe)
1/2 cup nut butter of choice, or allergy-friendly sub
1/3 cup sweetener of choice
1/4 + 1/8 tsp salt


1.Using a high speed blender, blend all ingredients together. If using an ice cream maker, pour the mixture in and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific machine. Or if you have a high-speed blender like a Vitamix, pour into ice cube trays and freeze, then blend the ice cubes until smooth, using the tamper to blend evenly.
2.Either serve straight from the machine or freeze up to an hour for a firmer texture. Because of the lack of preservatives, homemade ice cream is best the day it’s made, although you can technically freeze up to a month and thaw before serving.
5.Chocolate: Add 1/4 cup cocoa powder to the base recipe below.
6.Banana: Sub half a cup of the oat milk for one ripe mashed banana.
7.Chocolate Fudge Swirl: Carefully melt 1/2 cup chocolate chips. Stir in 3 tbsp canned coconut milk until smooth. Let cool before swirling into ice cream.
8.Coffee: Add 2 tsp instant coffee to the base recipe before freezing. After blending into ice cream, you can also add chopped chocolate or the swirl idea above.

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