ROGERS NO Additive cereals are considered raw, unprocessed agricultural products. Regulations state that we must note on packaging that cooking is required before consumption because, in producing these cereals, the grains do not reach temperatures that will remove the risk of contamination from where they are grown, harvested, and stored. However……..


There is an ongoing debate on whether it is safe or not to eat raw oats and grains. The logic on our packaging and in the FAQ is that eating raw grains (not oats) could pose a risk, especially to those with underlying health issues or compromised immune systems.

HOWEVER, overnight oats have become a popular way to consume oats as part of a healthy diet. Though raw oats are considered safe to eat, it is recommended to first soak them in a liquid like water, milk or a nondairy milk alternative. This is suggested to avoid a buildup of undigested oats in your stomach or intentions, resulting in stomach upset or constipation.

Raw oats contain the anti-nutrient called phytic acid. Phytic Acid binds to minerals like zinc and iron, making it difficult for the body to absorb them. For some, the deficiency in these and other minerals could lead to problems for some, though a well-balanced diet would negate this risk.

GRAINS that you can consume raw within our cereals include Rogers Porridge Oats and healthy grains such as wheat, oat Bran, flax, millet, and Khorasan, which are all safe to eat raw. Our Rodgers Porridge Oats and Ancient Grains should ONLY be consumed after cooking as they contain spelt, quinoa, and barley, which should not be eaten raw.

If you choose to consume any of our products raw, you do so with the understanding of potential risks.

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