International Women’s Day

Today, women across Canada have the right to vote in all elections. But that right wasn’t just given to women – it had to be won. Nellie McClung was instrumental in making Manitoba the first Canadian province to give some women the vote in 1916 – over a hundred years ago. But that was only the tip of the iceberg. McClung never stopped advocating for the rights of Canadians and worked all her life as an activist, author and politician. McClung was one of the “Famous Five” – a group of women who convinced the courts to finally recognize women as persons under the law in 1929.

Nellie McClung also took positions that violated people’s rights. She promoted the pseudoscience of eugenics, which called for racist and ableist control over sexual reproduction. McClung was an influential supporter of Alberta’s Sexual Sterilization Act, which led to the involuntary sterilization of thousands of people considered “mentally deficient” until the law was repealed in 1972.

At Rogers Foods, we celebrate International Women’s Day and thank the team of women at our organization who have led our company with dedication and commitment to excellence! 

Thank you!

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